Devoted Philanthropist

As an entrepreneur, philanthropist and businessman, Sam Solakyan understands and appreciates the importance of supporting the local community. Sam has shown great dedication to giving back to the community in any way he’s able by donating his time and resources to a wide range of different institute endowments. Growing up under modest circumstances, Solakyan was able to achieve success through hard work and support that gave rise to his passion of societal outreach.


Entrepreneur by Heart

Sam Solakyan’s tireless entrepreneurial drive came to him at a young age as he was inspired by the example set by successful entrepreneurs. At 14 years old, he began his first entrepreneurial endeavor. Sam asked his father, an Armenian musician, for help in developing his own business and soon they set up a booth in a local mall selling pagers. Not long after, at age 21, Sam developed and launched Global Healthcare Solutions, a medical development, marketing and consulting firm. Global Healthcare Solutions transformed into Global Holdings, which established, acquired and maintained several different technology and medical development companies that is cutting edge in their industries.

Sam Solakyan in the News

Sam Solakyan has been featured in several news broadcasts and articles surrounding his Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic achievements. Read the latest press here

Who Is Sam Solakyan?

If you are a business professional, and perhaps even consider yourself an entrepreneur-in-the-making, you’ve probably spent hours voraciously perusing financial publications like Forbes or Entrepreneur magazine to stay informed, strengthen your skills, and ultimately improve your career. All of the information available in these often carefully studied articles can be helpful in identifying the basic rules of success. Also important, however, is educating oneself on the paths to success forged by today’s leading entrepreneurs, many of whom overcame inauspicious beginnings to achieve real-world success. Understanding and appreciating these visionaries’ principles and dedication can be extremely beneficial as you establish goals and chart your path forward. Sam Solakyan is one such visionary, and his story will surely enhance your appreciation for how hard work can lead to vast opportunities in entrepreneurship.

Solakyan is a self-made entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of a highly successful, multifaceted company, Global Holdings, Inc. In achieving his business goals throughout several sectors of the health care industry, Solakyan has applied a self-determination he learned at an early age.

“They taught me what hard work is” –Sam Solakyan

In his formative years, Solakyan found inspiration in the strong work ethics exemplified by his parents. Family has always been a primary focus in Sam’s life, and his parents exposed him to principles and values that have shaped him into the entrepreneur he is today. “They taught me what hard work is,” said Solakyan in a feature profile piece for the University of Phoenix alumni magazine. Hard work, combined with passion, is what Solakyan considers a requisite for success.

Solakyan began his education at the University of Phoenix, obtaining his undergraduate education in Business Management, and completing his MBA at George Washington University thereafter. But like any true entrepreneur, Solakyan’s business endeavors took flight long before entering the world of higher education.

By the age of 14, Solakyan had tried his hand at opening a pager and wireless communications store. At 16, he conceived of a company to refill fire extinguishers. And at just 21 years of age, Solakyan established Global Holdings Inc. His time at the University of Phoenix strengthened his desire for corporate success, and he soon expanded his company to include 15 subsidiaries dominating the medical industry in sectors including financial services and technology.

Despite a demanding work schedule, Solakyan consistently dedicates time to his passions outside of the office, namely making a difference in people’s lives through philanthropy.

Solakyan has always maintained a passion for community outreach. He devotes his time to creating hope for future generations by supporting various children’s charity foundations and initiatives. One such example is The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The NCMEC improves the communities in which we live by protecting children from abduction, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation, and provides communities with resources to prevent these devastating crimes and bring perpetrators to justice.

Another example is Covenant House California, a non-profit agency dedicated to helping at-risk youth living on the streets. Solakyan participated in Covenant House’s annual Sleep Out — where local business leaders spend one night sleeping on the streets in solidarity with homeless youth. Solakyan had the unique opportunity to interact with and hear first-hand experiences from several homeless kids — many of whom had lived in foster homes — and gained a newfound perspective on the realities of the foster care system.

Additionally, a local initiative supported by Solakyan, “Glendale Healthy Kids,” provides quality health care to children in need, and ensures they have access to the resources essential to maintaining quality of life.

Solakyan recently applied his love for the cinema by serving as Co-Producer on the forthcoming film, The Kidnapping of Freddy Heineken. Set for release in early 2015, the film, starring Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins, is predicted to be yet another successful endeavor for Solakyan.

In conclusion, as you relentlessly sift through the latest and greatest entrepreneurial columns, consider taking some time to get to know individuals like Sam Solakyan who are the face of modern entrepreneurship. You’ll likely discover that the pathway to success can be long and often grueling, and time is required in order to achieve success in one’s career. Having an understanding of the steps other have taken to succeed, while relying less on articles featuring “Top Ten” lists for success, could prove invaluable in helping you achieve your goals.

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Vital Imaging

Vital Imaging is an innovative medical diagnostic company with focus on state-of-the-art technology and outstanding service. Focusing mainly on stand-up MRI technology, which allows the patient to be scanned in a position where they feel comfortable and more importantly it allows physicians to place the patient in positions that puts natural pressure on the parts of the body that may be injured or the source of pain.

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Vital Medical Services (VMS) provides cutting edge mobile healthcare solutions to assist law enforcement. Transporting suspects who sustained injury to the hospital is a costly and risk filled procedure that can be avoided with the help of VMS. This increases law enforcement efficiency and reduces government expenses by providing medical professionals with services on location.


Global Holdings

Global Holdings, Inc is a privately held, multi faceted company managing, acquiring and developing business in a variety of sectors. Initially founded by serial entrepreneur Sam Solakyan, Global Holdings, Inc. has expanded from Healthcare Development to maintaining and growing businesses in Technology, Entertainment and Medical Engineering.