Devoted Philanthropist

As an entrepreneur, philanthropist and businessman, Sam Solakyan understands and appreciates the importance of supporting the local community. Sam has shown great dedication to giving back to the community in any way he’s able by donating his time and resources to a wide range of different institute endowments. Growing up under modest circumstances, Solakyan was able to achieve success through hard work and support that gave rise to his passion of societal outreach.


Entrepreneur by Heart

Sam Solakyan’s tireless entrepreneurial drive came to him at a young age as he was inspired by the example set by successful entrepreneurs. At 14 years old, he began his first entrepreneurial endeavor. Sam asked his father, an Armenian musician, for help in developing his own business and soon they set up a booth in a local mall selling pagers. Not long after, at age 21, Sam developed and launched Global Healthcare Solutions, a medical development, marketing and consulting firm. Global Healthcare Solutions transformed into Global Holdings, which established, acquired and maintained several different technology and medical development companies that is cutting edge in their industries.

Sam Solakyan in the News

Sam Solakyan has been featured in several news broadcasts and articles surrounding his Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic achievements. Read the latest press here

Healthcare Technologies

Healthcare Development

Vital Imaging

Vital Imaging is an innovative medical diagnostic company with focus on state-of-the-art technology and outstanding service. Focusing mainly on stand-up MRI technology, which allows the patient to be scanned in a position where they feel comfortable and more importantly it allows physicians to place the patient in positions that puts natural pressure on the parts of the body that may be injured or the source of pain.

vital imaging mri logo

Vital Medical Services

Vital Medical Services (VMS) provides cutting edge mobile healthcare solutions to assist law enforcement. Transporting suspects who sustained injury to the hospital is a costly and risk filled procedure that can be avoided with the help of VMS. This increases law enforcement efficiency and reduces government expenses by providing medical professionals with services on location.


Global Holdings

Global Holdings, Inc is a privately held, multi faceted company managing, acquiring and developing business in a variety of sectors. Initially founded by serial entrepreneur Sam Solakyan, Global Holdings, Inc. has expanded from Healthcare Development to maintaining and growing businesses in Technology, Entertainment and Medical Engineering.