Burbank Commends Sam Solakyan

Burbank Commends Solakyan

During a mid-February Burbank City Council Meeting, members of the committee paused to honor and offer a Commendation, to citizen and Global Holdings, CEO, Sam Solakyan.  In 2012 Sam learned that Providence St. Joseph Medical Center was terribly in need of updating the emergency response system in the ER. When he learned that a new technology was available to enhance the communication between police, fire and the ER personnel, Sam wasted no time in making the donation necessary to do this. “In a rapidly growing population like ours, we absolutely must find a way to provide health, safety and peace officers with the most state of the art and up to date equipment necessary to do their job.  Recent events and statistics have proven that without state of the art emergency response systems in place, timing rescue of injured victims or responding to potentially dangerous criminal situations take longer therefore endangering lives.  If we as citizens can find the resources to provide these, we will be grateful if, God forbid, we find ourselves in a crisis situation.  Emergency situations are the great equalizer, they happen to the rich and poor alike regardless of race, color or creed,” stated Solakyan.  Meanwhile, befriending the local hospital who “turns no patient away for lack of insurance or financial resources,” Sam has continued his relationship with the hospital by joining the Foundation Board of Directors.  “I wanted to stay closely involved. Once I saw the amazing things they were doing there and how their wise choices were such a huge benefit to our community, I had to.  I was very impressed with their stroke and cardiovascular centers, which offer many examples of how every crucial second can make a huge difference in patient outcomes,” recalled, Mr. Solakyan.  Accepting his award Sam Solakyan said that, “I grew up in The Valley and my first job opportunity was right here in Burbank. I will always be proud to give back to the community that has given so much to me over the years and continues to be the place I call home for me and my family.”