Vital Imaging Demonstrates its Unwavering Commitment to the Community

Sam Solakyan and Vital Imaging continue on their path of philanthropic endeavors and sought out to help a local community member in need. Solakyan learned about a mother of six from Orange County through UPLIFT, a non-profit organization created to assist underprivileged families, and teamed up with the charity to help make a difference. The mother faced a daily struggle of transporting all of her children to school with an old, unreliable van that broke down often. Sam Solakyan and Vital Imaging demonstrated their unwavering aid and donated a brand new van to the family to ease their everyday life.

“I knew we had to step up to the plate and help. I have so much respect for this individual who is raising six children on her own. Donating a van was the least Vital could do”.

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