Vital Medical Services Joins Global Holdings Family

Global Holdings, Inc is excited to announce the newest edition to their state-of-the-art medical team: Vital Medical Services (VMS). Offering on-site diagnostic services for police enforcement, VMS provides high quality patient care without the expense or time spent in a hospital emergency room.

VMS handles legal specimen collection (DUI blood draw), conducted in a Jail Facility, during Saturation Patrols or at DUI Checkpoints. They also offer medical screening exams, pre-booking medical screenings, and Title 15 pregnancy testing, conducted in a Jail Facility by a Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practioner.

Vital Medical Staff will assist with transfers of non-releasable or citable arrestees to local emergency departments if a higher level of care is needed. They will also coordinate any potential transfers or transports to either the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Jail Medical Services Bureau or to LA County USC Medical Center if additional care is required.

The concept behind VMS was created by law enforcement officials, Emergency Medical Technicians, Emergency Room doctors and Nurses and diagnostic/ phlebotomy experts who understand that providing on the spot testing in common arrest procedures, like DUIs, can help avoid crowding in our emergency rooms, tying up police officers in transport and waiting rooms, and complications presented when there is a lapse in testing time.

Keeping in line with their passion to improve community service, Vital Medical Services is by far one of the most important and civilly impactful acquisitions for Global Holdings, Inc.